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[As-Is] Brazil Micro Carmo

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Medium roast

Dark, rich and full of chocolatey indulgence. A comforting coffee for your morning (or afternoon or evening).

Brazil | Sul De Minas
Yellow Bourbon, Catuai
1,200 M.A.S.L

As-Is Coffee

As what the name suggest, you get the coffee as it is. As-Is Coffee is an initiative to clear away older coffee stock at a discount price. 

Coffee is packed and sealed on the indicated roast date. Only available as whole beans

About This Coffee

The micro-region of Carmo De Minas near the town of Carmo, is part of the sub-region of Serra da Mantiqueira, Sul de Minas. The fertile volcanic soil, high altitudes, and predominant sunlight lend a distinctive terroir to the coffee, making it a top competitor in coffee quality competitions such as the Cup of Excellence awards.

As coffee producers began focusing on quality over quantity (something relatively rare in Brazil) they increased processing infrastructures collectively and individually and began cultivating higher quality coffee varieties which, though yielding less per tree, reward with excellence in flavours and intensity. In addition, growers in this area are opting for the higher labor cost of selective harvesting to gain the extra degree of quality so essential for flavour.

The Brazil Micro Carmo, as its name denotes, is a micro-lot coffee grown in the region of Carmo. It is grown at a lower altitude of 1,200 M.A.S.L and naturally processed. It is also a relatively smaller bean compared to those grown in many other Central American countries. Hence, we developed a roasting profile with a higher charge and shorter pre-development phase to retain some of its unique citrus notes. We also roast the coffee darker than usual toward a full city roast to enhance its body and syrupy mouthfeel. Coffee-lovers with a taste preference towards dark chocolate syrupy thick body will enjoy the Micro Carmo with a hint of citrus at the back of the palate.