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Brazil Caldas Royale

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This coffee is like an old friend. Instantly familiar and merry. There's no surprises here with the flavour profile, an expression of chocolate wafer, hazelnut and a hint of dried fruit. Suitable for anytime of day!

Micro Region of Pocos De Caldas
1000 - 1200 M.A.S.L

About This Coffee

The volcanic micro region of Pocos de Caldas in Minas Gerais has an authentic Brazilian coffee terroir where farms are scattered along slopes of one of the most geologically rich volcanic calderas (Caldas) in the world. 

With average heights from 1000 to 1350 metres, a rich combination of volcanic minerals, rainforest soil and a rare climate condition creates this unique spot with ideal conditions for growing excellent and exquisite profiles of specialty coffee.  Of all Brazilian coffee growing regions, the subtropical altitude climate offers this terroir an excellent rainfall rate and the largest thermal amplitude each day.  This creates outstanding conditions for the maturation of the beans and triggers a burst of flavours within this coffee

Roaster's Notes

As this is a light roast, we will recommend to grind this coffee finer and increase your dosage when brewing.