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Colombia Tablon De Gomez

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Espresso | Filter

It's peppy and zippy yet wonderfully weighted with a honey-like profile. Let the notes of orange zest and cherries flow over your palate. 

Buesaco | Narino
Caturra, Castillo
1800 - 2100 M.A.S.L

About This Coffee

Produced by smallholders from Tablon De Gomez. This small municipality is a 2 hour drive away from Buesaco, Narino where some of the most unique microlots from Narino were produced.

Narino is located in the south of Colombia on the border with Ecuador. It has a history of FARC activity which has caused instability. However, some of the most exceptional coffees in Colombia are grown there and it is a region in which we see a lot of potential. 

This regional is composed by 20 growers that grow coffee above 1800 MASL. Only lots scoring 85+ compose this regional plus coffee.