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Indonesia Manis Malut CM

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Out of the heart of Bali, this coffee delivers in spades. It's bright and juicy, with elegant tannin and layered complexity. The generous tropical fruits profile backing up with subtle soft spices and dark chocolate tones. The finish is smooth and succulent. You might need a top up to supercharge your morning!

USDA, S795
Natural Carbonic Maceration
1200 - 1350 M.A.S.L

About This Coffee

Savour a true taste of Bali with our Manis Mulut Natural Carbonic Maceration coffee. Cultivated on a small estate farm amidst lush tropical fruit trees and other food crops, this coffee embodies the rich and diverse landscape of the island.

Our cherries are picked by hand, sorted, and processed with traditional techniques passed down through generations of local farmers. The cherries undergo a 62-hour fermentation process known as carbonic maceration, in a controlled, carbon dioxide-rich environment. This unique process, along with the distinct terroir of Bali, results in a coffee like no other, embodying the vibrant and diverse flavours of the island.

The use of special anaerobic processes like carbonic maceration has had a positive impact on the coffee industry in Indonesia, especially elevating the quality of the coffee produced and providing new opportunities for farmers in the region. After fermentation, the cherries are sun-dried and stored to enhance their aroma and flavour, before being dry hulled to produce this delicious coffee. With its remarkable aroma and distinctive taste, this coffee not only provides a rare coffee experience, but also a glimpse into the daily life in beautiful Bali.

Take a sip and let the Manis Mulut Natural Carbonic Maceration coffee transport you to the rolling hills of Bali and the soul of its rich culture and

Roaster's Notes

For espresso lovers, a shorter shot time might bring out better flavours from this coffee. Give it a go!