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Indonesia Sweet Lakshana

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Here we have a medium bodied coffee with a palate that is rich and enduring. Jackfruit, apple and molasses persist throughout the drinking experience. Smoothness, complexity and depth all wrapped up in a cup. This is a damn fine coffee from Indonesia!

USDA, S795
1200 - 1350 M.A.S.L

About This Coffee

Discover the hidden gem of Bali - a tiny island located off the East coast of Java, where the volcanic soil and optimal climate make it an ideal location for coffee growing. The farmers, belonging to the traditional groups known as 'Subak Abian', are deeply committed to promoting community values through agriculture, social, and religious activities.

Experience the unique taste of Bali Natural coffee, sourced through Ekstramil Kopi from family farms in the interior highlands of Bali. The red cherries go through a classic natural process of hand-picking, hand-sorting, and careful selection. Floaters are removed by soaking, and the cherries are then laid out on drying beds in full sun, covered with tarpaulin at night, and raked several times per day while being sorted.
After two to three weeks of optimal drying time, the beans are infused with all the fruitiness and sugars inside the cherry, resulting in a rich tropical fruity flavour that will transport your taste buds to a Balinese paradise. Savour the taste of Bali Natural coffee and support the local farming community committed to preserving traditional values.

Roaster's Notes

A medium roast coffee best suited for espresso. But do remember to rest the coffee for at least 5 days from roast date. This is to make sure all its "components" are perfectly integrated and beautifully assembled when you pull the shot.