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Pioneer Blend Drip Bags

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Dark roast 

Big-bodied with notes of dark chocolate and cacao nibs. This bold coffee will see you though your darkest morning.

Brazil Arabica + Vietnam Robusta

About This Drip Bag

This box contains 10 individual packed and sealed sachet. Just hook it over your favourite mug and add in 200-250ml of hot water. Add in your preferred amount of sugar, condensed milk or evaporated milk. There you have it, Generation Kopi at your own convenience.

About This Coffee

A modern twist to our traditional kopi. No sugar or margarine were added during the roasting process. Roasted with Brazil Arabica and Vietnam Robusta to replicate the bold and intense flavours we are all used to.

This coffee blend will make you a good cup of kopi-o and pairs beautifully with your choice of milk (condensed or evaporated). On days when you fancy a cup of dark latte, this will not fail you!