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Rwanda Wakanda A1

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Espresso | Filter

Plum, Berries and Chocolate finish when brewed for espresso and a black tea finish when extracted with filter brew method. A medium acidic coffee for coffee-lovers looking for a sweet and exciting cup.

Rwanda | Lake Kivu
Red Bourbon
1,700 - 2,100 M.A.S.L

About This Coffee

Rwanda, also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, is positioning herself as a world-class specialty coffee origin and her reputation for special quality and unique characteristics of delicious flavours back this up. Each coffee bean is a testament of the resilience and commitment of the Rwanda people, choosing to look beyond the tragedy of 1994 Genocide when nearly 1 million were killed and an estimated 2 million Rwandans were displaced and became refugees, leaving a broken country and vital coffee infrastructure wrecked - a story lived and told by our valuable producer partners.

Through strong government reforms, Rwanda has fast revived from this inconceivable ruination and, her people, with such optimism and confidence, continue to work and believe in a better rewarding future. Despite of the Potato Taste Defect (PTD) a known defect in the coffees from the Great Lakes region being one of the major obstacles facing the absolute embrace of Rwandan coffee, The Rwandan Producers constantly, among other measures, invest in the processing methods to insure any and every suspect bean is removed before the coffee reaches the dry mill.

Through invaluable exclusive partnership, but most of all, the close relationship with the incredibly dedicated generational coffee family based in the Lake Kivu region has so far guaranteed some of the exceptionally cleanest, most dynamic, and highest-quality micro lots. These concerted efforts in repeated prudent testing and analysing various samples of the green beans has proven rewarding with some of the most flavourful, delicate and complex coffee profile.

Now, Rwanda is one of the fastest developing East African nations that ride on the winds of development. To symbolise its progress, this coffee is name ‘Wakanda’ - a imaginary high-tech African nation featured in the movie, Black Panther.