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Nicaragua La Vitalidad

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Take a break and have this amazing coffee. We are picking up malty notes wrapped around in velvety milk chocolate similar to kit-kat.

Nicaragua | Matagalpa
Red Catuai, Hybrid H3
950 - 1,100 M.A.S.L

About This Coffee

The name “La Vitalidad” refers to the Spanish word The Vitality. The coffee comes from a microlot in Finca La Virgen farm of the city, Matagalpa. The farm is situated in the breathtaking Northen Mountains in Nicaragua. Coffee produced from this farm was among the winners of Nicaragua’s Cup of Excellence Awards #6 2018. The farm is operated and owned by wonderful coffee passionate families and their work is an impeccable product of friendship, dedication to service and high quality as well well sustainability of the entire ecosystem. Finca La Virgen is also part of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence Organization.

The La Vitalidad is a coffee grown at an altitude of 950 - 1,100 meters above sea level, and the varietals are a mix of Red Catuai and Hybrid H3. Despite the low growing altitude, a trait common across Central American producers, the two varietals are known to mature much slower than other. This characteristic gives the coffee a much denser beans and Strictly Hard Beans (SHB) certification ensuring a cup packed full of flavours.