Generation Coffee - Day of a Hawker

#4 - Day in a Life of Generation

While steaming milk, Kenneth looks at the line of customers queueing at the Generation Coffee stall, and then glances at the time.

Generation Coffee - Queue

Yes, it’s almost 8:30am. That means Zender will be here soon!

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That’s good news, because an extra pair of hands now will be super helpful.

You see, Kenneth has been on his feet since as early as 5.30am. While most of Singapore is still dreaming sweetly, Kenneth is already awake, packing up and getting ready for another busy day at the stall.

At 6.30am, Kenneth opens the shutter and switches on the coffee machine.

What ensues is a daily opening routine which is already so familiar, that he can do it with his eyes closed.

Switch on coffee machine. Check.

Calibrate the grinder. Check.

Prepare condiments and disposables. Check.

Is the ice machine running? Check.

Do I have enough beans and milk for the morning crowd? Yes.

Are the customers already starting to pour in? Also yes.

It’s go time!

If you’ve met our Good Coffee Advocates in our previous post, you may recall a certain nickname Kenneth has earned for himself at Generation.

Any guesses?

Here’s a hint: He can do many things at once.

If you’ve guessed or remembered “Mr Octopus”, you’re absolutely right! Great memory, by the way 😉

And you’ll probably also remember why we call Kenneth that in the first place.

For anyone who has ever visited Generation during peak hours, you’ll definitely have witnessed Kenneth taking orders, pulling shots, frothing milk, and serving you an amazing cup of coffee. All at seemingly the same time!

As a former barista working in a cafe, I can attest to how difficult that actually is, especially when coffee-making is a skill that takes so many aspects into play. Add onto that the increasingly long line of customers and orders? 

You get it.
That is why Kenneth is truly the epitome of a brilliant barista. I’ve said that before, and I’ll say that again. And again. And again.

Which is also why, the arrival of Zender at around 8.30am will be a great help as well!

Because, as much as we love to watch a super efficient barista in the zone, it doesn’t beat TWO remarkable baristas, right? And we’re committed to serve you the best cup of coffee every single time, and it takes teamwork to make that dream a reality.

Serving great coffee at a hawker centre is not all fun and games though. Zender recalls the times when the sink is choked with loose coffee grind (as do all cafes, might I add), and they had to clear the chokage and still serve customers at the same time.

But ultimately, watching customers enjoy amazing cups of coffee and coming back for more is always worth it. 

As with our Generation spirit of bringing people together, the best highlights of the day is when families come together to have a break over coffee. And since we serve both traditional and specialty coffee at Generation, there is always something for everyone.

Often times, new customers bless us with remarks like “Oh, my granddaughter said this coffee is nice!”, or “My son told me I must try Generation Coffee whenever I’m at Tekka Centre.”

And before long, these new customers become familiar faces, and these familiar faces introduce Generation to more new faces, and the cycle continues. This is truly the magic of good coffee, stellar service, and a firm conviction to build Generation’s foundation on relationships.

Victor, our specialty coffee roaster, remembers fondly of the time when he shared a table with an uncle who was a stranger, and lo and behold! That uncle started singing praises about the coffee he was drinking, and even recommended Victor to buy himself a cup! Not knowing Victor is part of the team who brings Generation to life.

It’s kinda like a humble brag, but honestly, unsolicited feedback and recommendations like these are so very much appreciated and cherished. It really is proof that we are doing the right thing, for Generation and for our customers alike.

Needless to say, that uncle is no longer a stranger to Generation 🤩

Before we end off this Day In A Life post (we won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details of how we close up shop), we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Whether you’ve visited us at our physical store, or subscribe to our beans, please know that we deeply appreciate each and everyone of you.
As we continue to grow and serve you the best coffee we can, whether traditional or specialty, we’d love to connect with you! Follow us on Instagram here, or feel free to send us a dm/message.


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