#5 - Traditional Kopi (The Generation Way)

#5 - Traditional Kopi (The Generation Way)

Traditional Kopi, with a twist - of the group head

A twist of the group head that is. 

What's a group head? Let's just say it's the part of the espresso machine, where hot water and coffee grind come together, and produce that steaming cup of amazing coffee we love. Voila! 

For a coffee stall that serves specialty coffee, what's even more special about us (other than the fact that we serve traditional kopi too) is the way we prepare our traditional kopi. 

If you've visited us at our stall before, you'll realise the absence of a certain conspicuous apparatus very commonly used to brew traditional kopi. 

The Sock, yes! 

Well, that's because we don't use the sock method to brew our kopi. Instead, we brew using our trusty espresso machine. 


I know I know, pretty unconventional for something as traditional and deeply rooted in our culture like kopi. But, before you come banging on our doors with burning torches and incredulous faces, hear me out.

This may come as a surprise, but brewing traditional kopi using the espresso machine isn't exactly an entirely novel concept. In fact, there have been a several brave souls who have attempted this method before us. 


You see, we're gonna let you in on a secret to coffee-making. How does one make every single serving of coffee exceptional? How does one ensure that every sip of coffee that reaches your lips is delightful to your taste buds 

Yes, the quality of beans matters, the skills of the barista matters too, but there's also something else that matters. One word that brings all the above together. 

The word is consistency. 

Come to think of it, the magic of consistency actually applies to all sorts of life scenarios as well. But let's stick to coffee first today. 

Consistency beans of superb quality. Consistent coffee-making skills coupled with heartwarming service. Also, consistent performance from a well-oiled machine. Literally. 

And using an espresso machine helps us achieve this goal of brewing consistent, tasty and aromatic traditional kopi. 

This is how we achieve a sustainable consistency that we can be proud of. Okay, that's the last time I'll say the word "consistency" in this post. 

But why, you may ask? What is it about the espresso machine that's so "special"? 

Well that, my friend, *whisper* is a trade secret 😏

Actually no, that's not the real reason why we won't go into the nitty gritty. Ultimately, it's because we are constantly improving, refining and enhancing our brewing methods. 

There's not such thing as perfection, but we sure want to be as close to it as possible. And life's always a journey, same for our quest to perfect our coffee. 

Having said that, one thing will always remain the same. It will always be our aim to serve you the best coffee we can. We've been saying this in every blog post, because that's how committed we are. To serve you coffee you'll enjoy, and products we can be proud of. 

Bonus point. Have you tried Generation's traditional kopi before? 

If you have, you would have had the luxury of experiencing first hand the intense yet oh-so-smooth flavour of the beloved Traditional Kopi. 

This is because we roast our beans, yes, even the beans for traditional kopi, without sugar and/or margarine. 

Calm down, there's more. 

*deep breaths* 

We also blend in some Arabica beans with the more common Robusta (for traditional kopi). 

Hey, it is our mission to bridge the gap between traditional and specialty coffee after all. 


If you haven't tried our traditional kopi, that's okay! 

Visit us anything during our opening hours. We'll be more than happy to serve you your next favourite cup of kopi or latte. 

Or, if you prefer to brew your coffee at home, we have great news for you too. You can order your bag of Pioneer Blend, have it delivered to you, and enjoy our bold and intense traditional kopi from the comfort of your own home. 

And when time and opportunity allow, come by our physical stall to try for yourself! 

Traditional kopi, brewed with our espresso machine. 

What better way to bring together the old and new? A cuppa that is reminiscent of the familiar past, while still boldly adventurous in exploring the future. 


A massive thank you for following along on our journey as Generation Coffee!

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Once again, wherever you're reading this from, across generations and borders, we thank you for you.

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