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Bottled Coffee FAQs

How long can I store my bottled coffee for?

Your bottled coffee has a 5 day fridge life from the date of brewing. Please store them in a fridge once you receive them. Of course, the earlier you drink them the better. Don’t keep too long until you forget about your coffee!

What beans do you use for bottled coffee?

We usually use what is being served at the stall to prepare the bottled coffee. If you are keen to know which single origin beans are currently being served, feel free to contact us to find out! You may DM us on Instagram @generationcoffeesg, or shoot us an email at hello@generationcoffee.sg

How do you deliver the bottled coffee?

Your bottled coffee will be delivered in a thermal bag. This is to ensure the coffee stays cold during the delivery. Feel free to crack open a bottle to drink straight away upon receiving. Shiok ah!

Coffee Bean/Roastery FAQs

Are the beans roast-to-order?

All coffee (except Pioneer Blend) is roast-to-order. We collate all bean orders 1 day prior to our roast day. As for now, we roast on Monday and Thursday.

How long can the beans be kept for?

As all your beans will be freshly roasted, we encourage you to finish them within a month. This is to get the best flavour out of your coffee beans. A better storage condition will also hold its flavour better. If you regularly consume coffee at home, we highly recommend getting a dedicated coffee storage canister to store your beans.

Do you roast everyday?

We roast every Wednesday

What coffee roaster machine do you roast on?

We are currently roasting on Aillio Bullet R1 V2 and Giesen W6.

Can you grind the coffee for me?

Yes, of course! However, we always encourage home brewers to get a coffee grinder, especially if you regularly make your own coffee at home. Grinding coffee beans yourself right before consumption will give you much more control over the coffee beans. This will result in a better tasting cup. Not to mention, due to the increased exposure, ground coffee will get stale faster too, compared to whole beans.

Can I pickup the beans at the stall?

Yes, you can. Currently pick up is available at Tekka and Bedok outlets. Please note that we only delivery to our outlets once a week on Monday.

Subscription FAQs

Can I change the delivery interval and grind size of my subscription?

Yes, you can do it right from your account. Once you login, click on “Subscription” and change the delivery interval or grind size as needed.

Is there a binding period?

No, there is no binding period. You may cancel the subscription at anytime. But if you do try out Generation Coffee beans and enjoy it, a subscription will save you money since it comes with free shipping.

Can I skip or pause my subscription?

Yes, you can skip or pause your subscription indefinitely. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way or you may be travelling, so feel free to skip or pause your subscription by logging into your Generation account. We’ll be right here when you’re ready to resume your subscription.